Character Creation Notes

Creating A Character

Character creation is exactly like in the normal Spirit of the Century game with a couple of small variations. The first is that each character will normally be a member of society. Think of these societies as pulped versions of famous organizations like the Explorer’s Club, the Lunar Society , or the Royal Geographic Society . Each of these societies have their own aspects, which the player may call on as well as the character’s own.

For information on the normal character creation see the open source rules with the explicit character creation section here. I also have the book and PDF book version available if you need more help.

The societies you may choose for your character are listed below:

The Lunar Society
The Royal Geographic Society
The Académie Des Sciences
The Explorer’s Club
The Rudlelsburg Brüderlichkeit
The North-Western Provinces Gentleman’s Club
The American Practical Sciences Association
Hong Kong Club

You will notice there is a distinct European/USA flavor to these groups, if you want something outside that range we will need to talk about how to work it in. Many of these clubs are well known, but the aspect that relates to our heroes is very restricted with only a small number of senior members aware that a heroic section exists. How long this secrecy can carry on will depend on the actions of the players.

Character Creation Notes

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