Champions of the League

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The Champions of the League vs The Great Orb of Death!
New York in Peril From A Crazed Foreign Plot!

Act One:

Our heroes at the New York Science Institutes Annual Masters of Science Summit. Some are competing, some are just observing when a ruckus breaks out in the front of the hall. When the heroes arrive they find a man lying bloodied on the floor with a group of large men standing over him. A well-dressed gentleman pulls a curious device from the fallen man and he starts to leave the hall. Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey intercepts him, distracts him and takes the object. She quickly scrambled up some drapes and sat above a high window. The man says he is the ambassador of Khoulash, and demands she return the object immedately. She instead tosses it to Eric Sigvarsson, the Viking Man Out of Time. The ambassador verbally bullies the brave Viking out of the object and leaves with it, but not before Adrian Overture and Randy James the mesmerist get chance to use their mystic knowledge to realize the orb was sucking life force from everyone in the room. The group found the man the orb was taken from and he said he was from Gonach, a valley kingdom that was constantly raided by the people of Khoulash, and that the Koulashians were planning an attack using a death machine powered by the orb. Our heroes decided this could not be allowed to happen. They also notice on the floor a hooded hand glove, the sign of an evil society that they thought they had destroyed in a previous book.

Act Two:

Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey and Adrian Overture, the African American Mystery Man, go the embassy of Khoulash to try to get a visa to visit the wonderful country. They are met by an ill-mannered diplomat who eventually comes around to being quite fond of little miss LeFey but they do not get past the front room of the embassy and learn only that the embassy has a security system or monitoring system in it.

Act Three:

The Champions decide to assault the machine of death before it can be used in the attack on the Gonachian street festival the next day. They sneak in the back of the Khoulashian Embassy only to find a large warehouse filled with crates of machinery being sent back to Khoulash, but no sign of any war machine. Instead they find everyone in the embassy dead, their life force sucked from them until they were mere desiccated corpses. The only survivor, the bureaucrat they had met earlier died after gasping out a warning that the Gonachians were planning an attack which would destroy New York. As they left they saw a poster for the Gonachian street fair talking about unveiling a new art exhibit three stories tall. A quick calculation told them if this was a larger version of the device from the science summit it would wipe out all life for eight miles.

Act Four:

Heading immediately to the fair the heroes find the villains in suits that should protect them from the orb, they quickly dry gulch a guard and get a suit, but discover the guard is not Gonachian at all! Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey and Randy James the Mesmerist head into the embassy, under the cover of her wanting to see the art work however as they approach Vivian LeFey is recognized and captured by Johan, a badly burned and scarred leader of the Hooded Hand. Randy James, dressed as a guard is not recognized and is assigned with another goon to guard Vivian LeFey’s cell in the embassy.

Meanwhile outside the embassy, the rest of the group see an irate young lady dressed in traditional Gonachian dress being thrown out by the guards in the park. She heads across the street to the home of the ambassador of Gonach to complain, where she is joined by Doctor Blitz, who looks in the window and sees the ambassador tied to a chair. Calling over Eric Sigvarsson , the Viking Out of Time and Adrian Overture, The African American Mystery Man, they go around to the back of the house and knock out the guard there. They then rush the back door and in a deadly fight with a pack of goons they free the ambassador.

Back at the Embassy Randy James the Mesmerist convinces the other guard that he is underpaid and underappreciated so the other guard storms off to go take another job. As Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey and Randy James the Mesmerist sneak out they mistakenly wander into a large group of suspicious guards, but in the acting job of the century convince them that Randy James is taking Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey out back to kill her. The evil guards cackle at her piteous shrieks as Randy James leads her out a side door.

Quickly heading back to the park Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey and Randy James the mesmerist spot Crazed Doctor Blitz, Eric Sigvarsson, the Viking Man Out of Time, and Adrian Overture, the African American Mystery Man in the window of the Ambassador’s house and rush over to join them. The frazzled ambassador mentions a tunnel that will take the heroes to the center of the park near the huge Machine of Death, and they rush off to stop it from being activated. They pop out and see a group of four mystic sorts working the controls of the Orb of Death and rush them, only to see Johan and his goon squad bearing down on them.

Eric Sigvarsson, the Viking Out of Time, Adrian Overture, the African American Mystery Man and Randy James the Mesmerist continue to the controls, with the mighty Viking driving off the guards, Randy James the Mesmerist turning one of the mystics to his side, and Adrian figured out how to disable the controls. Doctor Blitz, stayed behind in the culvert and converted his healing ray device into a bomb to try to destroy the orb completely. Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey ran to the orb draw off Johan, who hated her intensely.

The fight was fierce and the mighty Viking was felled by the guards, Johan man handled Famous child actress and detective Vivian LeFey and knocked her out, but Adrian Overture, the African American Mystery Man gave pursuit managed to free her as the rat Johan scampered off to escape. Back at the device things looked bad as guards came at the heroes, but then Doctor’s bomb went off. It was not enough to destroy the orb, but the healing rays as it exploded managed to revive Eric Sigvarsson, the Viking Man Out of Time, and he made short work of the remaining guards.

The day was saved and the evil plans of the Hooded Glove were foiled, but what about the herring fleet of soldiers that was supposed to capture the city once the orb had done its evil work? The ships turned back, but not before Eric Sigvarsson, the Viking Man Out of Time, learned that they were under the control of Ingvar, his archenemy and the other Viking who had been frozen with him in the glacier a thousand years ago. What evil was he plotting? That will have to wait until the next story of the Champions of the League!


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