Maxwell "Max" Newton Tesla

Science Hero



5 – Science!
4 – Resources, Engineering
3 – Athletics, Resolve, Academics
2 – Weapons, Guns, Might, Pilot
1 – Endurance, Fists, Investigation, Stealth, Survival

Scientific Genius (Physics – Weather Control)
Scientific Invention
Weird Science
Mad Science
Gadget – The Amazing Weather Gun

Scion of Nikola
Insatiable Scientific Curiosity
Those accursed Edisons
Rider of the Storm
To Serve Man
The Amazing Weather Gun

Member of The Lunar Society
Additional Aspects: This Madman Must Be Stopped!, What He Didn’t Know


With the permission of the GM, some alternate history:

Contrary to our history, Nikola Tesla married Hertha Marks and had one child, Maxwell “Max” Newton Tesla. Nikola did not give away his royalties for AC electrical power generation (as he did in our world), instead he waived them for several years and took shares of Westinghouse stock instead. When AC power finally took off, he got a small royalty for every kilowatt generated. This has made him one of the richest men in the US.

Both Tesla’s financial power (as a mostly silent partner in Westinghouse) and Thomas Edison’s (The Edison Electric Co.) grew in this alternate glorious world of Science! They are both industrial giants, akin to the great old days of AT&T and Mobil Oil.

In general, Westinghouse makes big things and durable goods that use electricity: Power plants, generators, refrigerators, washers, driers, etc.

Edison Electric makes consumer goods, lights, vacuum cleaners, and small devices that use electricity. Basically, if you can lift it and it’s electrical, it’s Edison. If you can’t lift it, it’s Westinghouse.

Character Background

Max Tesla’s parents are Nikola Tesla and Hertha Marks Tesla . I won’t go into the details of how they get together, but she acted as the bridge between Nikola’s admittedly obsessive-compulsive world and the rest of the world. She was able to keep him from making the grievous business mistakes he made in real life, which is why he gets royalties from almost every kilowatt generated anywhere.

Nikola had no room in his life for children, only for Science! He saw to it Max was raised according to the latest Scientific Principals of diet, exercise, and education. Socialization was not on his list, leaving hom fairly stunted in the department.

With the coming of the Great War and the Zeppelin bombing of London, Max was sent to the U.K. with several of his father’s inventions to aid in its defense. Arriving as a glorified technician, Max came into his own as an inventor, developing the Lightning Pylons, which helped guard the skies from Zeppelins; Frost Throwers, to aid in the taking of enemy bunkers (and exploded far less often than flame throwers); and The Storm Guard, which could shut down the airspace over the channel almost completely.

It wasn’t till near the end of the war, that Max was sent to near the front lines to examine some captured technology. That was the first time he saw up-close the horrors of war; the blasted heath, the stacked bodies, the giant war machines, the smell. “This is not what Science is for” he thought. “It should make lives better, not destroy them.”

My Story

Max Tesla in the War of the Currents

Max Tesla’s family and fortune are threatened by an old family rival, Thomas Edison and his Electric Zombies. His mother killed and his father framed for the crime, it’s up to Max to thwart the schemes of the evil Edison.

Hertha Marks Tesla is based on Phoebe Sarah Hertha Ayrton, née Marks (28 April 1854 – 23 August 1923) She was an English engineer, mathematician and inventor. From 1883 until her death in 1923 Hertha registered 26 patents: five on mathematical dividers, 13 on arc lamps and electrodes, the rest on the propulsion of air. Also and agnostic and suffragette. She was elected the first female member of the IEE (British society of electrical engineers) Died of Septicemia. (There’s probably a story there somewhere).
Nikola Tesla – if I need to describe him to anyone, READ A BOOK!

Maxwell "Max" Newton Tesla

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