Charlie Shakespeare

Boy Detective



  1. I saw that in a museum
  2. Well Traveled
  3. Acrobat
  4. Scrounger
  5. Seat of his pants
  6. Naive
  7. Fearless
  8. Curiosity killed the cat


5. Investigation
4. Athletics, Academics
3. Guns, Contacts, Resolve
2. Alertness, Pilot, Mysteries, Survival
1. Fists, Science, Stealth, Rapport, Burglary


  • Acrobat
  • Quick Eye
  • Walking Library


  1. English
  2. German
  3. Latin
  4. Spanish
  5. Russian


Charlies early childhood was uneventful until the day his parents were killed in a car accident. He then went to live with his uncle the famous NYU archaeologist and adventurer. With his uncle he traveled to many exotic places. When not travelling wth his uncle he was mostly left to his onw devices which he spent btween wandering around NY City and going to museums.


While travelling to somewhere in the south pacific the ship Charlie and his uncle was on was torpedoed. They washed up in the German colony of the South Mulukin Islands. They were interned their along with a circus that got caught there at the start of the war.

Charlie and the Seaplane

Charlie sneaked aboard a sea plane and escaped the South Mulukin Islands.

Dr Kal Omari and the Mek Worms of Doom

While at an airshow Charlie spots Dr Kal Omari and follows him. He then meets up with Nathan Connor. The then blow up the worms.

The Explorers Club

Charlie Shakespeare

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