The League of Nations needs Heroes!

Heroes have always been around us and have always sought other like them. They formed societies in secret, although their deeds sometimes brought groups broad notice almost all these groups thought they were alone in the world, alone with their unique talents.

The War changed everything. It brought together the best and worst from the entire world in a massive bloodbath like none the world had seen in centuries. In the trenches, in the skies, in the deserts and jungles members of the societies of heroes discovered there were other groups out there. Some groups had similar goals, aiding society and the advancement of man, but others were found with darker motives.

After the war the politicians formed a League of Nations, an attempt to protect the world from madness of another World War. Most of the societies of heroes support the League, but while the world is at peace there are many forces out there who want to take advantage of chaos the war brought. Realizing the danger the Sir James Eric Drummond has reached out to the societies he knows about and assembled a group of Champions to support the league and protect the peace.

There is plenty of work. Chaos broke out at the end of the war, rumors of the supernatural causing madness and destruction, air pirates in middle America, small dictatorships in Eastern Europe filled with rumors of mad science, and those dark societies are out there waiting for their chance to strike. The League needs its Champions, the only question is will they be enough to hold back a very dark future.

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